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Kings of Rajputana

Kings of Rajputana




Baba Ramdevji, Tanwar Rajput and local deity of Rajasthan.
Banda Bahadur, Sikh Minhas Rajput warrior against the Mughal Empire
Bappa Rawal, First Gehlot king at Chitrakut(Chittor),who defeated Arabs after their capture of sindh
Bhai Bachittar Singh
Chaudhry Aurangzeb Khan, Minhas Rajput during the British era. in 1892 C.E
Chaudhry Chaku Khan, chief of the Muslim Mair Minhas Rajput tribe and the founder of Chakwal in 1525 C.E.
Dulla Bhatti
General Fateh Naseeb, Chief General of Alwar Army Rajasthan
Gogaji, Chauhan Rajput and Local deity of Rajasthan.
Harsha, Rajput King of Vardhan dynasty who ruled Northern India for fifty seven years between 590 CE-657 CE
Jayapala, Hindushahi ruler of Northwest India, Pakistan and Eastern Afghanistan.
Maharaja Ganga Singh
Maharaja Jaswant Singh
Jai Singh Prabhakar Bahadur Ruler of princly state of Alwar
Maharana Pratap
Malik Feroz Khan Noon, former Prime Minister of Pakistan
Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana, Prime Minister of the Punjab province, 1942–47.
Malik Umar Hayat Khan, soldier of the Indian Empire, one of the largest landholders in the Punjab and an elected member of the Council of State of India.
Mira Bai
Nawab Qaim Khan
Pabuji Rathore (Local deity of Rajasthan)
Prithviraj Chauhan, King of Ajmer
Rai Bhoe Bhatti, Founder of Nankana Sahib
Rai Bular Bhatti, Son of Rai Bhoe Bhatti and heir to his estate of over 100,000 acres (400 km2) of land in modern day Nankana Sahib District.
Rai Hussain Khan Bhatti, one of the largest landholders in the Punjab
Raja Bhagwant Das, King of Amber Rajasthan
Ram Singh Pathania, Hero of revolts against British
Ram Singh
Rana Hamir
Rana Kumbha, Ruler at Chittor in 15th century
Rana Sanga, Ruler of Mewar
Rana Udai Singh II, Founder of Udaipur
Rao Bika, Founded Bikaner
Rao Jodha, Founded city of Jodhpur
Rao Maldeo Rathore, Ruler of marwar 15 A.D.
Rao Shekha, King of Amarsar
Rawal Jaisal Singh, Founder of the city of Jaisalmer.
Rawal Ratan Singh, Husband of Rani Padimini, Sisodiya ruler of Chittor (13 a.d.)
Sangat Singh Minhas
Sardar Fateh Muhammad Khan Karelvi
Shah Nawaz Khan
Vanraj Chavda, Ruler of the Chavda Dynasty in Gujarat.
Veer Kunwar Singh
Raja Habib ur Rahman Khan, Secretary of Defense Government Of Pakistan, Member Azad Kashmir Council
Raja Sakhi Daler Khan
Jai Singh II, Founder and King of Jaipur
Jai Singh I, King of Amber
Raja Amar Singh Rathore
Raja Man Singh I of Amber, King of Amber, Rajasthan. General of Akbar
Raja Pajawan or Pajjun, King of Amber
Veer Durga Das Rathore

Pic: Rajputana Map, source:columbia.edu

Rajputana is the old name of the modern Indian state of Rajasthan. It borders Pakistan in the north-west, and the Indian states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to the south, south-east, east, and north, respectively. It is the land of the Kshatriya-warrior Rajputs (other communities being the Meenas, Gujars, Brahmins, Jats, Yadavs, Bhils, Bishnois, Ahirs, and more). The Rajputs derive their name from their state. Rajputana literally means the land of the princes ('raj' is 'king', while 'put' means 'son'). The present day capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur.

The Rajput kingdoms that emerged following the break-up of the Thaneshwar empire in the sixth century included Ajmer (one of the most important early Rajput states), Alwar, Banswara, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Bundi, Dholpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jhalawar, Karauli, Kishangad, Kotah, Marwar (Jodhpur), Mewar (Udaipur - the senior Rajput kingdom), Pratapgarh, Tonk, Taranga, and more. During the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth, Rajputana acted as an agency under the British raj. It was formed of a group of kingdoms which owed allegiance to the British crown, but were autonomous enough to run their own administration
Pic:Jaipur palace , source british library
Maharajas of Jaipur
Jaipur was a princely state from the Rajputana agency. It lies near Delhi and is in the eastern part of Rajasthan. Jaipur kingdom  was known previously as Amber. Amber was originally a Meena kingdom founded by the Chanda Meena king Alan singh , but was later captured by the Kachwaha Rajputs.
 In 1727 , Sawai Jai singh II shifted his capital from Amber to a newly constructed city in its close proximity and he named it Jaipur. The Kachwahas claim lineage from Raja Nal of Ayodhya .
Raja Ishwar Das from Gwalior. 
Raja Sodhdev (966-1006 AD)son
Raja Dulha rao(1006-1036) .Patriarch of the Kachwaha rajput line of Jaipur. He was also the Raja of Dausa. He was the commander of the Rajput forces that attacked the Meena kingdom of Amber and captured it.He was said to have been killed in that battle.
Raja Kankaldev(1036-1038)son. He established his rule in Amber.
Raja Hunadev (1038-53) completely upstaged the Meenas from Amber and its surroundings.
Raja Janaddev (1053-1070)
Raja Pujanadev (1070-1084)
Raja Malesidev (1084-1146)son
Raja Byaladev (1146-1179)
Raja Rajdev (1179-1216)
Raja Khilandev (1216-76)
Raja Kantaldev (1176-1317)
Raja Jansidev (1317-66)
Raja Udaikarna (1366-88)son
Raja Narsinhadev (1388-1413)son
Raja Banbirsinha (1413-24)
Raja Udharao (1424-53)son
Raja Chandrasen (1453-1502)
Raja Prithvirajsingh (1502-27)
Raja Puranmal (1527-34)son
Raja Bhimsingh (1534-37)brother
Raja Ratansingh (1537-48)son
Raja Bharmal (1548-74)uncle. Received jagir of Narwar.
Raja Bhagwandas (1574-89)son.received title of Amir ul umara from the mughals.He was a general in Emperor Akbars army and fought in Punjab and Afghanistan. He served as a governor of Punjab.
Mirza Raja Mansingh I (1589-1614)son.also a general in Akbars/Jehangirs army.Fought in Eastern India,Punjab,Kashmir,Northwest frontier,Afghanistan.
Mirza Raja Bhao singh (1614-21)son
Mirza Raja Jaisingh I (1621-67)son.also a famous general in the mughal army and fought from Jehangir,Shah Jehan and Aurangzebs army.He fought in the Deccan and subdued the great Shivaji and also in Afghanistan.
Mirza Raja Ram singh I (1667-1688)son. Received the Maratha king Shivaji in Agra .He fell out with Aurangzeb after Shivaji who was under house arrest under his supervision escaped from Agra.
Mirza Raja Bishan singh (1688-99)son.
Mirza Raja Sawai Jaisingh II (1699-1743)son.founder of the city of Jaipur.Another famous general in Emperor Aurangzebs army who bestowed on him the title of Sawai.After Aurangzebs death, he broke away from Mughal overlordship of Emperor Bahadurshah after differences.He patched up with the mughals and served as Governor of Malwa and Agra.He patronized great architecture,painting,sculpture,literature,poetry and music in his kingdom.He also contributed to Indian astronomy by building five observatories.
Mirza Sawai Ishwari singh (1743-50)son.fought a succession war with his step brother Madho singh (who was sided by the Marathas).To keep away the Marathas he had to pay them heavy sums of money.Pained by the humiliation, he commited suicide.He was also a great patron of architecture and other arts.
Mirza Sawai Madho singh I (1750-68) brother.was awarded the Ranthambore fort by the mughal emperor.Founder of the city of Sawai Madhopor.Also a great patron of arts. He tried to form a coalition of Rajputs to keep away the Marathas from the north, but was defeated.
Mirza Sawai Prithvi singh II (1768-78)son.
Mirza Raja Sawai Pratap singh (1778-1803)brother.
Mirza Raja Jagat singh II (1803-1818)son.sought British help.A patron of artsPromoted industry.Died young at 32.
Mohan singh (1818) installed on throne by a noble , but deposed.
Mirza Raja Jai singh III(1819-35) posthumus son of Jagat singh.
Maharaja Mirza Raja Sir Ram singh II (1835-80)son.considered an enlightened leader.Modernised Jaipur.Started several public utility works.He was also a social reformer who abolished evil customs like Sati,female infanticide,slavery etc. Promoted education,sports,arts etc.British govt nominated him twice on the Viceroys legislative council.
Maharaja Mirza Raja Sawai Sir Madho singh II (1880-1922)adopted son.continued the previous maharajas good work.Funded irrigation works,public utility works,rail,education,hospitals,press,patronized arts etc.  
Maharaja Mirza Raja Sir Sawai Mansingh II(1922-70)adopted son.served in the British army in WWII.Modernised the state further.
Married (third time) to the famous Maharani Gayatri devi (known for her beauty and her stint as a politician) from the Cooch Behar royal family.Merged state with the Indian union.
Maharaja Brig Sawai Bhawani singh (1970+)son.served in the Indian army as a para commando.He acted as adjutant in Indian military academy.Helped training the Bangla militia Mukti Vahini during the Indo Pak war of 1971.He also served as Indian high commissioner to Brunei.
 He has adopted his grandson(son of his only daughter) Kumar Padmanabh as his heir.
Pic:Jodhpur palace , source british library
Maharajas of Jodhpur (Marwar)
Jodhpur was a small Rajputana kingdom in present day Indian state of Rajasthan which emerged in the thirteenth century in north-west of India. The Rajputs were Hindu warrior clans, and the word 'rajput' itself literally means 'the son of the king', with the people being known for their valour. The kingdom's founders were the Rathore clan (Suryavanshi Rajputs) of Rajputs, who claimed descent from the Gahadavala kings of Kannauj. After the sacking of Kannauj by Muhammad of Ghor in 1194, and its capture by the Delhi sultanate in the early thirteenth century, the Rathores fled west.
The Rathore family chronicles relate that Shivaji, grandson of Jai Chandra, the last Gahadavala king of Kannauj, entered Marwar on a pilgrimage to Dwarka in Gujarat, and on halting at the town of Pali he and his followers settled there to protect the Brahmin community from the raids of marauding bands. Later, Rao (king) Chanda, who was tenth in line of succession from Siyaji, finally wrested control of Marwar from the Pratiharas.
Jodhpur was one of a number of small Rajputana kingdoms that emerged between the sixth and thirteenth centuries, including Amer, Bikaner, Bundi, Jaisalmer, Malwa, Marwar, and Mewar, and all were eventually conquered by the Moghuls.
Rao Shivaji / Shiva  . 1226-1272  Grandson of Raja Jai Chand ,last Gahadwala ruler of Kannauj. He was killed in battle against Sultan Balban.
Rao Asthan  1272-1292  .son.conqured Pali,Khed (W.Marwar).Killed in battle with Sultan Jalauddin Khilji.
Rao Doohad . 1292-1309  son. vied with Rao Sindhal for control of Marwar.
Rao Raipal  1309-1313  .son
Rao Kanha / Kanhapal 1313- 1323   .son
Rao Jalansi . 1323- 1328  son
Rao Chandoji . 1328-1344  son
Rao Tida. 1344-1357 Son
Rao Salkhaji. 1357-1374 .son .
Rao Viramdev . 1374 -1383 son.
Rao Chundarji. Aka Rao Chanda 1383-1424 son. seized control of Marwar from the Muhamedans in 1406.Killed in battle against Salim Shah of Multan.
Rao Kanha 1424- 1427.son.contested succession with his brother Ranmalji the eldest who was disinherited by his father..
Rao Ranmal / Ranamalla . 1427-1438  brother. Rebelled against his brothers rule.killed in bed by some Sisodiyas of Chitor.
Rao Jodha . 1438-1489  son.Reconqurered Mandore from the Sisodiyas. first fully independent Rathore king of Jodhpur and Marwar. Rao Jodha founds the city of Jodhpur in 1459, which is named after him and which forms the capital of the Rathor state (and in modern times is still an administrative centre). Construction on the impressive fort of Mehran Garh (or Mehrangarh) is begun in the same year.
Rao Satalji . 1489-1492  son killed in battle.
Rao Sujaji. 1492-1515 Brother.
Rao Biram singh . 1515 son of Satalji .deposed.
Rao Gangaji. 1515-1532 brother.he had deposed his brother Biram.
Rao Maldeo . 1532-1562 son. Expanded his kingdom taking Ajmer,Merta,Nagore. Maldeo initially thinks that an alliance with the exiled Moghul emperor, Humayun, will  be a good idea. However,  when Maldeo sees the reduced size of the Moghul army, he withdraws his proposal, only to make it again when the emir of Sindh kills his father. The war against Sindh quickly bogs down, ending in stalemate. Humayan retreats to Kabul.
Rao Chandra sen  1562-81.son.seized throne on the death of hs father and absence of elder brothers (who then joined forces of Mughal emperor Akbar who defeated his army).
Rao Rai singh 1581-83 son
1565- 83 In 1565 ,Mughal emperor Akbar gains the submission of Jodhpur and Marwar, along with the other Rajputs of Bikaner,Bundi and Jaisalmer.Governors are assigned to Jodhpur during this period.
Raja Udai singh 1583-95 brother of Chandrasen.entered mughal service.His daughter Manmati married emperor Jehangir and was the mother of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.
Sawai Raja Suraj singh 1595-1619 son.entered mughal service. Served in Gujrat and Deccan.
Maharaja Gaj singh I. 1619-38 son. Used the title of Maharaja on a personal basis. Served under the mughals in Deccan.
Maharaja Jaswant singh. 1638 – 78 . In 1678While Jaswant Singh has been a loyal servant of the Moghul emperor, Aurangzeb, Served in the Deccan. Aurangzeb has been plotting behind his back to reduce the Rajputs' special status within the empire. With the death of Jai Singh of Amer and with
Jaswant Singh fighting in Jamrud near Peshawar, where he suddenly dies, Aurangzeb puts his plan into operation. He attacks Marwar, capturing forts and destroying temples, and then sells the throne itself to the chief of Nagar, while
 attempting to install a milkman's son as ruler of Marwar. The true heir to the throne is an infant in the care of Jaswant Singh's aide, Durgadas
1678-98 ?  Mughal governor for Jodhpur
1678-1707 Bouyed by the people of Marwar revolting against Aurangzeb's actions, Durgadas raises an army against theMoghuls which settles in the forests to wage a guerrilla war. In Mewar, Ajit Singh's maternal uncle, Raj Singh,
also revolts against Aurangzeb and in 1680 he joins Durgadas in the forests. After an alliance with Aurangzeb's son, Prince Akbar, fails, Durgadas and Akbar take refuge with Sambhaji, the Maratha  king (Ch.Shivaji’s son) in the south. Durgadas and Ajit Singh continue their struggle until Aurangzeb until his death.
Maharaja Ajit singh. 1679-1724  Son of Jaswant singh. First maharaja of Jodhpur and Marwar..on death of mughal emperor Aurangzeb,Ajit singh recaptures Marwar n 1707.Later reconciles with the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah I. Said to have been killed by his son Abhai singh and Bakht singh.
Maharaja Abhai singh. 1724-1749 son.appointed mughal subedar of Gujrat.
Maharaja Rai singhII 1749- 52 brother.deposed.
Maharaja Bakht singh 1752  brother.deposed.
Maharaja Ram singh 1752-53 son of Abhai singh
Maharaja Vijay singh 1773-93 son of Bakht singh. Spent much time defending his kingdom from the Marathas.
Maharaja Bhim singh 1793-1803 grandson of Vijay singh (son of his son Bhom singh).contested rule with his kins.
Maharaja Man singh 1803- 1817  (in 1817-1818 his son Chatar singh served as a king after his father abdicated the throne fr a brief time) and 1818-1843 grandson of Vijay singh (son of his son Guman singh).Entered into treaty with the British.
Maharaja Sir. Takhat singh. 1843-73  Not direct in line.adopted.helped british during mutiny of 1857.
Maharaja Sir Jaswant singh II 1873-95  son
Maharaja Sir Sardar singh 1895-1911 son. Deposed.
Maharaja Col Sir Sumair singh 1911-18  son.served in the British army in France and Flanders.
Maharaja Maj Sir Umaid singh 1918-47 brother. Reformed judiciary,administration. Introduced schemes in primary education in his state.
Maharaja Group Cpt Hanwant singh. 1947-52  Last maharaja. Merges kingdom with Indian union.An avid flier. His muslim wife Zubeida was a subject for a  movie by film director, Shyam Benegal.
1948-49  India achieves independence from Britain and begins the process of taking control of the princely states. Mewar is one of the first of the princely states to merge with the new dominion. Later in 1949, twenty-two princely states of Rajasthan merge to form the Union of Greater Rajasthan, acknowledging the maharana of Udaipur in Mewar as their head.
Maharaja Gaj singh II a.k.a Baapji. 1952+  .son. 1956 Jodhpur becomes a part of state of Rajasthan. 1970-71 privy purses ended. Served as Indias high commissioner to Antigua,St Kitts,Trinidad Tobago,Grenada,Dominica,St Vincents,St Lucia,Cayman islands,Caicos Islands. Gaj singh II has a son Yuvraj Shivraj singh b.1975.
pic: Kotah water palace , source british library

Maharaos of Kotah
Kotah was a princely state near (240kms from) Jaipur,Rajasthan till 1947. It was ruled by the royals belonging to the Hada Chauhan(Agnikul) clan.The royal house of Kotah is a junior branch of the rulers of the princely state of Bundi.
The Hara Chauhans claim decent from Bisaldev Chauhan , his son Anuraj  and grandson Ishtapal who ruled from Hansi. The history of Kota then takes us to the 13th century when, Rao Jaitsa conquered the territory and founded Bundi and Hadoti. In the early 16th century Kota fell to the Afghans but was recapured by the Hadas a few decades later. Then in the 17th century, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan gave Kota as a jagir to Rao Rattan s younger son Rao Madho singh as a reward for having distinguished himself in the Mughal service. In the 18th century Kota rose in prominence in its own right after the weakening of its principal, the Bundi state. Today Kotah lies in the state of Rajasthan and is its third largest city.
Rao Madho singh (1631-48)founder.was commander in the mughal army.He received Kotah and Palaitha as a jagir for his valour in the battle of Burhanpur.
Rao Mukand singh (1648-58)son.alo served in the mughal army.distinguished himself in the battles of Kandahar,Lahore and Malwa. Died in battle at Ujjain.
Rao Jagat singh (1658-82)son. Entered Mughal service ,served in Deccan and died in battle there.
Rao Prem singh (1682-83)cousin.was deposed by nobles within six months.
Rao Kishore singh (1669-85)youngest son of Rao Madho singh.had served in the battle of Ujjain where he was wounded. Served with distinction in the mughal army in Bijapur battle. Killed in Arcot.
Rao Ram singh I(1685-1707)son. Extended rule over Rampura and Bhanpura.Served in the Deccan. Killed in Jajan.
Note: On the death of Raja Ram Singh Hada, the state was granted by the Emperor to Maharao Bagh Singh of Bundi. It was restored back to  Bhim Singh, the son of Ram singh.
Maharao Bhim singh I (1707-20)son.served in the mughal army.conquered the forts of Gagron,Shergad,Manohartana,assumed the name Krishnadas, renamed his state Nandgaon (after having become a follower of Brijnathji).Killed in the battle of Pandhar fighting Nizam Asaf Jah of Hyderabad.
Maharao Arjun singh (1720-23)son.served in the mughal army.
Maharao Durjansal (1724-56)brother. fought off attacks from Marathas and achwahas.Attacked Bundi and restored Umedsingh, the heir of Budh singh to the throne.
Maharao Ajit singh (1756-57)cousin and adopted son.His accession was contested by the dowager queen Brjkunwar (widow of Durjan sal), but succeeded on the throne at the age of eighty with the help of a powerful noble  Himmat singh Zhala.Died in a years time
Maharao Shatrusal I(1759-64)son.
Maharao Guman singh (1764-71)brother
Maharao Umaid singh I (1771-1819)son.patron of arts.Real power rested with his maternal uncle Zalim singh Zhala who signed protection treaties with the Marathas and later British East India co.
Maharao Kishore singh II (1819-28)son.opposed regency of Zalim singh but was beaten. Later gave all powers to the British and reumed rule under regency of Madho singh Zhala.
Maharao Ram singh II (1828-66)nephew. son of Prithvi singh, (the younger son of Umaid singh).The British suspected him of collusion with the mutineers who killed the British agent and besieged Kotah during the Mutiny of 1857. His salute status was reduced by the company.
Maharao Shatrusal II (1866-89)son.salute staus increased by the British after he repledged loyalty and offered his ervices to the British.Also received Prince of Wales and KIH gold medal.
Maharao Lt Col Sir Umaid singh II (1889-1940)nephew and adopted son. Secured the return of 17 of the nizamats ceded to Jhalawar in 1838, following a legal contest with the Govt of India, which he took all the way up to the Privy Council, in London. He remitted all arrears of land revenue in celebration of the Coronation of the King-Emperor Edward VII in 1903,which  amounted to Rs 50 lakhs. Commisioned as Honarary Major in 1/1/1903 and  attached to the 42nd (Deoli) Regiment of the British India Army.He was promoted to Honarary Lieut-Col in 1/1/1915, and Honorary Col in 19/7/1939. He was granted a personal salute of 19 guns, in recognition of his services during the Great War, 1st January 1921. Rcvd: Delhi Durbar gold medals (1903 and 1911), Silver Jubilee (1935), and Coron (1937), medals.
Maharao Sir Bhim singh II (1940-91)son served in the army as a Brigadier in WW2. Received war medal,KCSI medal etc.He acceded to the dominion of India. Installed as Rajpramukh of Rajasthan in 1948.Represented India in the shooting championships at Sngapore,Montreal Olympics,Bangkok Asian Games.Arjuna awardee. Served in the UN.Served as a MLA.
Maharao Brijraj singh (1991+)son. banker and industrialist.
Maharawals of Jaisalmer
Jaisalmer lies in south west Rajasthan. It has been nicknamed the Golden city because of its yellow sandstone structures and the gold coloured desert  surrounding them. Jaisalmer was once the royal seat of the Bhatti Rajputs (Yaduvanshi).
The Bhatti Rajputs claim lineage from the Chandravanshi-Yaduvanshi Lord Krishna (through his son Vajranabha) and early medeival kings like Jaisimha , Devraj (considered the founder of the Jaisalmer royal line) , Rawal Jaisal (who established the city of Jaisalmer .r. 1156-67) and Rawal Jethsi (who faced a eight year siege of the Afghan sultan Aladin Khilji –around 1294, after they had looted his caravan.It is said that when the Bhatti rajputs were sure of defeat, they killed their women folk , some commited Jauhar by jumping in the fire, lest they be defiled by the enemy and the male warriors marched from the fort ,on to the enemy for the final massacare. Eventually some surviving Bhattis reoccupied the fort).
The second Jauhar took place under similar circumstances in the late 14th century,this time against Sultan Ferozshah.
The third Jauhar took place in the 16th century, during the time of Rawal Lunakaran, when an Afghan chief Amir Ali attacked Jaisalmer. But this time around the army of Jaisalmer was victorious.
Approximate Early Genealogy:
Bhati -son (after whom the Bhati Rajputs are named).Ruled from Lahore,Punjab.
Tano-son(mid 8th cen)
Bijairai-son (early 9th cen)
Vijayraj Lanja-son. drove his brother Jaisal out of his kingdom.
Jaisal- uncle (12th cen-1156AD)killed his brother and nephew in battle with the help of Shihabuddin the Afghan chief of Ghor and established a new city of Jaisalmer (since the earlier capital Lodorva was ransacked and laid deserted by his ally Shihabuddin).
Shalivahan-son.encouraged arts in his kingdom.
Bijal-son (his brother Mokal was said to be a great general).
Kings List of the Jaisalmer Rulers:
Rawal Lunakaran (1530-51)fought with Mughal emperor Humayun when he passed from here to Ajmer.
Rawal Maldev (1551-62)son.
Rawal Harraj (1562-78)son
Rawal Bhimsingh (1578-1624)son.formed a matrimonial alliance with the mughals when he married his daughter to Prince Salim( Emperor Jehangir).Married sister of King Raisingh of Bikaner.
Rawal Kalyandas (1624-34)
Rawal Manohardas (1634-48)son
Rawal Ramchandra (1648-51)
Rawal Sahalsingh (1651-61)assisted Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in his Peshawar campaign. Extended his kingdom.Conflict with the Bikaner Rathors.Trade flourishes.
Maharawal Amarsingh (1661-1702)son.Anup singh of Bikaner attacked his kingdom, but was warded off.
Maharawal Jaswantsingh (1702-08)son.married daughter of king Jaisingh of Mewar.
Maharawal Budhasingh (1708-22)son.
Maharawal Akhaisingh (1722-62)brother.Peace concluded with Bikaner.
Maharawal Mulrajsingh II (1762-1819)son.attacks from the Jodhpur Rathors begin.Signs treaty with the British for protection.Married daughter of King Ajitsingh of Jodhpur.
Maharawal Gajsingh (1819-46)grandson
Maharawal Ranjitsingh (1846-64)son
Maharawal Bairisalsingh (1864-91)
Maharawal Shalivahansingh IIIBahadur(1891-1914)adopted son.
Maharawal Sir Jawahirsingh Bahadur(1914-49)adopted son. Acceeded to the Indian union. 
Maharawal Girdharsingh Bahadur (1949-50)son
Maharawal Raghunathsingh (1950-82)son Maharawal Brijrajsingh (1982+)son.
Pic:Alwar tanks and fort , source british library
 Maharajas of Alwar
Alwar was a princely state located near Jaipur in the Rajputana region of post medieval India.
Early Genealogy: They claim lineage from Udaykarna, Raja of Amber – Barsingh- Maharajsingh-Naru singh-Rao Lala-Udaisingh-Larkhan-Fathsingh-Rao Kalyansingh-Rao Agar singh(Thakur of Macheri after its grant received from Mirza Raja Jai singh of Amber)-Amar singh(founder of Khara family)-Thakur Shyamsingh of Para-Thakur Agarsingh of Macheri-Thakur Hathi singh –Thakur Mukund singh-Thakur Tej singh- Thakur Zorawar singh –Thakur Mahabatsingh
Pratapsingh Prabhakar Bahadur (1775-91)was a Kachwaha rajput. He was the founder of the state of Alwar. He was the son of Thakur Mahabat singh of Macheri.He was granted the panch hazari mansab by Mughal emperor Shah Alam.
Bakhtawarsingh Prabhakar Bahadur (1791-1815)adopted son aided the British against the Marathas.
Balwant singh (1815/d1826)son.deposed.died in exile at Tijara in 1826.
Binaysingh (Bane singh) Prabhakar Bahadur (1815-1857) nephew of Bakhtawar singh. He assisted the British in quelling the sepoy mutiny.He was a patron of arts.He encouraged good architecture in Alwar-palaces,gardens,buildings,roads etc
Sheodansingh Prabhakar Bahadur(1857-1874)son
Mangalsingh Prabhakar Bahadur(1874-92)adopted son. He died due to poisoning.
Jaisingh Prabhakar Bahadur (1892-1937)son.exiled to France by the British after found guilty of irregularities in the state.
Tejsingh Prabhakar Bahadur(1937-71- 2009)adoted son/kin.Served in the British army in Italy and N.Africa. His state merged with the Indian union in 1948.
Jitendra Pratapsingh Prabhakar Bahadur (2009+)son.congress politician,MLA.
Pic: Chatar mahal, , source british library

Raos of Bundi
Bundi was a princely state in the Rajputana agency. It was ruled by the Hada Chauhan royal dynasty.It derived its name from a Meena king Bunda Meena. Later this kingdom was taken over from the Meenas by Rao Deva Hara.
Rao Deva (1342-43) founder of the kingdom. Closely aligned with the Sisodiya rajputs.
Rao Napuji (1343-84)son
Rao Hamuji (1384-1400)son
Rao Birsingh (1400-1415)son
Rao Biru (1415-1470)son
Rao Bandu (1470-91)son. Was exiled by his younger brothers(they had converted to Islam).
Rao Narayandas (1491-1527)son. Recovered his fathers kingdom.
Rao Surajmal (1527-31)son
Rao Surtansingh (1531-44)son
Rao Raja Surjansingh (1544-85)granduncle. Surrendered the Ranthambore fort which he was managing on behalf of Sisodiyas of Mewar to Mughal Emperor Akbar.They became Mughal vassals and were rewarded with extra territory.
Raj Raja Bhojsingh (1585-1608)son.Got the title of Raja from the mughals.
Rao Raja Ratansingh (1608-32)son. When prince Khurram rebelled against his father Mughal Emperor Jehangir and got help from 22rajput kings, Ratansingh remained loyal to Jehangir and defeated the armies of Khurram.
Rao Raja Chatrasingh (1632-58)son.was made governor of Delhi by prince Dara Shikoh (son of Mughal emperor Shah Jehan).He died fihting against Aurangzeb.
Rao Raja Bhaosingh (1658-82)son. Fought against emperor Aurangzeb, but later reconciled with him and became a mughal vassal, fighting in the Deccan against the Marathas.
Rao Raja Anirudh singh (1682-96)15yr old  son of his adopted son Kishen singh.Served Aurangzeb in the Deccan and then in the northwest under Prince Muazzam, where he died.
Rao Raja Budh singh (1696-1735)son.expelled from his kingdom by the Jaipur forces of Jai singhII (Budhs brother in law).
Rao Raja Dalel singh (1735-49)adopted son/ natural son of Raja Salimsingh Hada of Karwar.regained kingdom after Maratha help .
Rao Raja Umaid singh (1749-70)son of Rao Budh singh of Bundi
Rao Raja Ajitsingh (1770-1804)son.said to have assassinated Rana Ari singh of Mewar.
Rao Raja Bishen singh (1804-21)son. Entered into the protection of the British against the marathas.
Rao Raja Ramsingh (1821-89)son.Col James Todd was his regent and guardian. intiated several administrative/economic reforms,set up schools. Raja Ramsingh was a popular king.




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(KING, 2016-04-05 09:33)

Thank you.

Jay mataji

(Ankitsinh rajput, 2012-09-01 12:44)

king of Rajput

hamare samprk ma rahejo.

rajput king

(nitish rajput, 2012-08-19 05:35)

all rajputs proud to be rajputana vansh

you can read more on Janjua wiki

(raja izhar janjua, 2012-06-30 23:06)

Early history

The Janjua claim descent from the Pandava dynasty through the Pandav Prince Arjun.[5][6]
Arjun was a cousin of Krishna and married Krishna's sister, Subhadra, to extend his dynasty. He performed Krishna's funeral rites.[7]
Arjun's great grandson, Maharaja Janamejaya, is an apical ancestor of the Janjuas.[citation needed] Janamejaya was later the ruling Emperor of the Kingdom of Hastinapur, the capital of which was Indraprasta (modern day Delhi).[citation needed] Regarding the Janjuas descent from the Pandava dynasty, the Bali and Bhimwal generals of Raja Dhrupet Dev of Mathura, recorded that the Janjua Raja Dhrupet Dev was the descendant of Emperor Janamejaya of the Pandava dynasty of Prince Arjun.[8]

Alexander and the wounded King Porus near Jhelum, Pakistan
Although there is no definitive source to confirm the ancestry of the ancient King Porus of Punjab, the Janjua Rajputs claim that their ancestor, Rai Por is the Porus who fought Alexander in Punjab in 326BC.[9] Further, "The Punjabi ruler was Raja Porus, said to be a direct descendant of the Pandava kings"

janjua rajputs

(raja izhar janjua, 2012-06-30 22:59)

hi what about janjua rajput.janjua rajput belongs to dehli and in Pakistan there is a big clan of janjuas if you have some information please write.Our ancestor raja Mal Khan was brother of Maharaja Kahmir Raja jodh.
We have family tree which belongs to Raja Bushan than Raja Barma and so on.There is a family in pakistan who note ours name when any child born and they did same in all hindustan.That family have nothing to do rather than noting the name of child born in janjua clan and this work is assigned to them by our ancestors from centurias ago.........
Searh info on Janjua wiki

solanki nathawat

(vijay singh solanki, 2012-06-17 17:04)

alwar rajpariwar ke bare me pahli bar jankari mili
vijay singh solanki
094144 26188

solanki nathawat

(vijay singh solanki, 2012-06-17 17:03)

alwar rajpariwar ke bare me pahli bar jankari mili
vijay singh solanki
094144 26188

Info on Raja Umaid (Ummed) Singh

(Historynut, 2012-02-24 22:20)

I am having trouble with the sequence of events: Umaid was supposed to came to the throne of Bundi in 1743 but the usurper Dalal was holding it. Umaid gained it later; I don't know when. Amber retook it but Dalal wouldn't accept it. Who did? Umaid regained it it 1773 from Ajit Singh. When did Ajit assume the throne - I have 1770?

Jay Rajputana

(Killer, 2011-09-19 00:17)

Do u have any photo of Maharaja Vidyadhara ??




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