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The Vaghela dynasty was a ruling clan of Gujarat, India. They expanded their dynasty to all of Gujarat, north Rajasthan, west Madhyapradesh and north Maharashtra.

Vaghela (means chase of the tiger)
Raj solanki had two wives. He issued two sons. First one is famous king of Patan, Mulraj Solanki was the son of first queen who is sister of Samantsinh Chavada king of Patan. Second queen who is sister of Lakhaji jadeja (Lakho Fulani) had son named Rakhayat. Rakhyat married with raymati and issued son named VYAGHRDEO. She keep him in Vyaghreshvari mataji’s temple at Aatkot’s jungle and she was be SATI. Their son protected by Vyaghreshvari Mataji so he knowned by Vyaghradeo and After him, his vansh known as VAGHELA/BAGHEL/WAGHELA.

The Vaghela dynasty is very powerful dynasty of Gujarat region. The VAGHELAS are the great rujer of Gujarat who expand their dynasty to whole Gujarat, North Rajasthan, West Madhya Pradesh and North Maharashtra. The Vaghelas were Rajput Branch of the Solanki rulers of Anhilwad. Lawan Prasad, a general in the army of Bhimdev-II Solanki. He also gained control over an area known as Dhavalgadh, around present day Dholka. During the latter years of Bhimdev-II's reign, due to internal differences, Lawan Prasad rebelled against the king and took complete control over the areas of Dhawalgadh and Dhandhuka, and also some areas in the south of Gujarat. This rebellion laid the foundation for the greater resistance and resultant overthrowing of the Solanki rulers from Anhilwar, by the Vaghela. The final attack on Anhilwar during the reign of Tribhuwanpal Solanki, was made by Vishaldev Vaghela, the grandson of Lawan Prasad. Although, Vishaldev's father, Vir Dhaval Vaghela had already started to annex territories belonging to the Solanki, and had greatly increased his dominions as well his military powers. Many historians consider Vir Dhaval to be the first actual Vaghela ruler of Gujarat, due to the major increase of his power and control of the various areas of Gujarat.

Vishaldev Vaghela is most widely known and was perhaps the most celebrated of the Vaghela rulers of Gujarat. He won military campaigns against Malwa(Parmar) and was able to largely bring under control the various rebelling factions of the degraded kingdom of the last Solanki ruler, Tribhuwanpal. Vishaldev was also a great patron of learning and is known for his contributions to the encourage arts, poetry and religious pageantry. Vishaldev, after a long and successful reign, was succeeded by his son Arjundev, who in turn was succeeded by his son Sarangdev. Little is known about the reigns of these Vaghela rulers, and they seem to have enjoyed a reasonably peaceful and properous reign.

Sarangdev Vaghela was succeeded by his son, brave, and unbending hero, Karandev, also known in history as Karan 'Ghelo. Karandev was the last in the line of the Vaghela chieftains of Anhilwar, and also the last Rajput ruler to have held control of most of Gujarat and Saurashtra. Just 2 years after ascending the throne of Anhilwar, Karandev was engaged by the troops of Ala-Ud-Din Khilji, the Muslim ruler of Delhi. The general in charge of the Muslim army, as Alaf Khan, a favorite of Ala, and his half brother. Karan gave a brave resistance, and after a vigorous strugge, the Rajputs finally retreated and Anhilwar fell in the hands of the Muslim, once again. The city was plundered and ravaged. Alaf Khan captured the beautiful wife of Karandev, and sent her to Delhi as a victory present to the Sultan. He then moved west and destroyed once again, the grand temple of Someshwar (Somnath) at Prabhas Pattan.
Karandev, in the meantime, broken and hishonored at losing his county, his possessions and his wife, repaired to Devgadh in Deccan. He refused to give in to the request of the Muslims to surrender, and started to gather a force to engage the Muslims again at Anhilwar. Karandev lost this war and escaped with her Queen Kamaladevi(kauladevi) and Daughter Devaldevi.Queen died while escaping. Karandev and Devaldevi went to the Devgadh. Two prince of Karandev and one of his queen of Jadeja dyanasty of kutch were sent to the kutch saurashtra region. The sultan sent another force under a slave general Kafur, to attack Karandev in Devgadh, and bring back to him, his daughter, the princess Devaldevi. Thus ended the rule of the last Hindu ruler of Anhilwar. Broken and disillusioned, Karandev refused to surrender and spent the last of his days roaming the lands of the country, he once ruled. However, he is still respected for his brave resistance and his unbending courage. He came to be known as Karan Ghelo for this reason.

After Karandev vaghela, Gujarat broken up in the many parts. Any Rajputs or Muslims could not control whole Gujarat after Vaghela dyanasty. The Vaghelas Divided in the whole Gujarat. Villages of Vaghela Dyanasty are located near SANAND(Ahmedabad), DHOLKA(Ahmedabad), KALOL, RAPAR(KUTCH), Kadi(Mahesana) etc.

Rulers of Gujarat
Vaghela Dynasty

Karandev Vaghela
History of Gujarat
Ancient Period Gujarat
Solanki Dynasty

                                    Maharajadhiraj Raj Solanki
                                 (He married & issued two sons)
      |                                                                      |
Mulraj (Solanki Vansh)  Rakayat Mulraj was the son of the Raj’s first rani, she was a sister of | Patan’s Raja Samantsingh Chavda &  | Rakayat was the son of the Raj’s second rani, | she was the sister of Kutchch’s king Rao Lakha |
Rakayat married with rayamati and issued son named Vyaghradeo, She keep him in Vyaghreshvari mataji’s temple at Aatkot’s jungle and she was be SATI Marana Vyaghradeo He protected by Vyaghreshvari Mataji so he renowned by Vyaghradeo and After him, his vansh known as VAGHELA/BAGHEL/WAGHELA He married with Kashi’s Raja’s daughter and issued Five sons
    |      |    |                             |      
Karandeo Kandhardeo Suratdeo Kiratdeo  Shyamdeo (Reva state) (Kasota) (Gujarat) (South) (East)
                      Maharana Suratdeo Vaghela
(He came in Gujarat and his grandfather Rakayat was a cousin of Mulraj Solanki so he stay in Dholka Gadi (vairatnagar of pandavas) )
                     Maharana Dhavaldeo Vaghela
(He became a king of Vairatnagar and because of him named, vairatnagar known now Dholka, His son Aranorajdeo)
                 Maharana Aranorajdeo Vaghela in Dholka
                 Maharana Lavanrajdeo Vaghela in Dholka
                Maharana Virdhavaldeo Vaghela in Dholka
(He known by his second name “Virdhaval Rano”) He issued two sons, Vishaldeo & Viramdeo Vishaldeo handled Patan (Gujrat) after Tribhuvanpal Solanki the King of Gujarat & Viramdeo in Viramgaam
                     Maharana Vishaldeo Vaghela
He became a King of Gujarat after Tribhuvanpal Solanki So he was a first vaghela king of Gujarat
                      Maharana Arjundeo Vaghela
                     Maharana Sarangdeo Vaghela
                     Maharana Karandeo Vaghela
1.Maharana karandeo was first married with Rao Deshalji Jadeja’s daughter the king of Kutchch and he issued Veersinghji 2.Maharana karandeo was second married with daughter of Bhiladigarh’s king in rajasthan and he issued Sarandeo 3.Karandeo had a third rani was Kauladavi, she issued only two daughter Karandeo’s first son Veersinghji came in Sardhar near Kutchch and he became a sardhar’s king and his vansh known as “Sardhariya Vaghela” Karandeo’s second son Sarangdeo came in Bhiladigarh near Jeshalmer rajasthan area in palanpur district and his vansh known as “Bhiladiya Vaghela”
        |                                            |
      Veersinghji                                 Sarangdeo
                   Maharana Veersinghji Vaghrela
He became a king of Sardhar, 650 villages neared Kutchch
                Maharana Dhavaldeo Vaghela in Sardhar
                Maharana Vishaldeo Vaghela in Sardhar
               Maharana Nodhandeoji Vaghela in Sardhar
               Maharana Vijaypalji Vaghela in Sardhar
        |                                            |
 Sursinghji  Lunkaranji
(The King of Sardhar) ( Rapar, Gadi, Padasava in Kutchch)
               Maharana Sursinghji Vaghela in Sardhar
                 Maharana Ajabsinghji Vaghela in Sardhar
                Maharana Deokaranji Vaghela in Sardhar
               Maharana Pratapsinghji Vaghela in Sardhar
                 Maharana Mandaldeoji Vaghela in Sardhar
                     Maharana Dhamankaranji Vaghela
(He gived sardhar to his younger brother and he came in Kalol & Sanand) He issued two sons 1.Veersinghji, he became a king of Kalol and 2.Jetsinghji, he became a king of Sanand & Koth)
        |                                            |
  Veersinghji  Jetsinghji
    (Kalol)        (Sanand & Koth)
              Maharana Jetsinghji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
              Maharana Gopalsinghji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
               Maharana Naysinghji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
              Maharana Nodhandeoji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
               Maharana Varahaji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
               Maharana Bhimsinghji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
                Maharana Dhundhmalji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
                    Maharana Veerdhavalji (Sanand & Koth state)
                Maharana Sarangdeoji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
               Maharana Maldeoji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
              Maharana Jaysinghji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
                Maharana Annrajji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
            Maharana Sarangdeoji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
            Maharana Bhimsinghji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
    He issued two sons First Karansinghji became a king of Sanand & Koth
         Second Dungarji gate  villages kaneti, Daduka etc.
        |                                            |
 Karansinghji  Dungarji       
(king of Sanand & Koth (kaneti, Daduka etc.)
             Maharana Karansinghji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
        His mother was a daughter of Chavda king of Mansa State
                          He issued 4 sons
    |          |    |                           | 
Arjunsingji Medoji  Vaghji  Viroji (Sanand king) (Gangad king) (Pimpan) (Moraiya)
                Maharana Arjunsinghji Vaghela (Sanand & Koth state)
                    (His mother was daughter of Muli king)
    | | |    |
Gopalsinghji  Vishoji  Agarsinghji  Naransinghji (Sanand king) (No son) (Ambaliara) (Zamp)
                     Maharana Gopalsinghji (Sanand & Koth state)
             Son of Rani Shamkunvarba a daughter of Gohil Bhimsinghji Ajesinghji the king of Shinhor-Bhaonagar
    | | |    
Vajerajsinghji  Udaysinghji  Gheloji (Sanand king)  (Raasam) (Varti)
                  Maharana Vajerajsingji (Sanand & Koth state)
Son of Rani Ramakunvarba a daughter of Chudasama Arjansinghji the king of Gamf state
    |   |    |
Rajsinghji  Karmandeoji  Sultaansinghji (Sanand king) (Thakur of Vasna-Iyawa, Dhori, Raipur & Adasar) (Radhu)
                   Sanand Maharaja Vajerajsingh’s Son & Vasna-Iyawa Thakur Saheb
                          Kunvar Shri Karmandeoji Vaghela
      His mother was  Shinhor State Gohil Ajesinghji Naransinghji’s daughter
    | |   |
 Bhojrajsinghji Meghrajsinghji    Vajerajsinghji
    | |      |
  Pataji Ashkaranji Sabadsinghji
    | |              |
 Kalubha Sultansinghji Hamirji
    |      |
 Bharoji Bhavsinghji
    | | |
 Pachanji               Lakhji      Ranoji
    | |      |
Samantsinghji       Dadoji Bhojrajsinghji
(Vasna Thakur)  |
    |    |              |
Pratapsinghji       Rajsinghji Sursinghji
    |                                                       |
    |                                                   (Dhirubha)
    |                                                        |
    |                                                    (Karubha)
    |                                                        |
    |                           -----------------------------------------------
    |                        |        |     |
    |                         (Digvijaysinghji     Ghanshyamsinghji    Bhagirathsinghji)
    |       |
 Bhurubha Pravinsingh
   |                                                        |
   | ----------------------------------------
   | |     |         |
   |                           Mahendrasinghji      Narendrasinghji  Bharatsinghji
   |       |
Balwantsinghji  Navalsinghji
         |             --------------------------------------------------------------         
         |                                 |          
  Indrajeetsinghji                         Jaywantsinghji
 --------------------------------------              -----------------------------
 |              |                 |       |                           |
Hitendrasinghji Kishorsinghji Suryapalsinghji  Harendrasinghji Virendrasinghji
                                                        |                        |
                                                Brijrajsinghji Meetrajsinghji



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(vaghela hitendrasinh indrajitsinh from vasana (eyawa), sanand state bhaayat., 2013-10-14 14:48)

Share VAGHELA bhai ko batana chahta hu kind bhatiji ne Sanand state & VASNA bhayat ke name like he. Aur pura VAGHELA samaj sirf ye media me sama jaye utna nahi he. VAGHELA rajput samaj to pure Gujarat, Rajasthan, madhyapradesh aur western India me fela huva he, ish lite surf internate me samana muskil he. Is liye sabhi VAGHELA bhai ko meri request he ki jyada jankari k lite "VAGHELA VRUTANT" mangaye Jo Gujarat raajput vidhyasabha me mil jayega.
Please contact to me for more details on
( waghela3238@gmail.com )


(Bahadursinh T Vaghela, 2014-02-19 10:00)

muje book chahi kise ke pass ho to do


(jambha vaghela, 2015-02-17 17:57)

Vaghela vrutant book mate mo.no and address aapva vinanti.


(mahaveersinh vaghela, 2016-05-01 15:11)

Jay mataji
Jay vagheshwari ma

Mare aa book puchase karvi che kyathi mali sakse Vaghela Vrutant
Email Id : mahavirsinh.vaghela@gmail.com
Mahaveersinh Vaghela


(Digvijaysinh Pravinsinh vaghela , 2016-10-20 16:51)

Bapu Book mane Malse.

Derol ( Vaghela)

(Vaghela Ravindrasinh, 2014-03-27 12:04)


Re: Derol ( Vaghela)

(pravinsinh vaghela, 2015-07-27 09:53)

lokachar bandhakarva rova,kutvanu bandh,challapratha(dahej) BANDHKARVU PADSE

Pethapur State

(Mahendrasinh Waghela, 2012-09-15 12:57)

You havn't mentioned name of any his highness of Pethapur...Pethapur was also state of
Waghela Rajput..

Re: Pethapur State

(Rais moiz jan waghello, 2014-03-11 22:59)

hy frandsss me Rais moiz jan waghello mujha apni cast ka bara ma jankari lani ha plz contacts me itx my fb id : moizwaghello@yahoo.com :(

Re: Re: Pethapur State

(ashoksinh, 2015-07-25 06:45)

Pimpalj hitoris


(SURENDRA VAGHELA, 2012-09-23 14:44)

thanks for such a wonderful article .. .please excuse my ignorance..would throw some light on Gotra of Vaghela


(kaushalsinh, 2014-01-26 16:34)


am so great-full search my relation in my cast

(jitendrasingh waghela, 2013-12-17 08:19)

my father nirbhay singh waghela and my brother amarsingh waghela in my famely


(vaghela Aniruddhsinh Bhupatsinh, 2013-08-23 12:21)



(Bhagwan sing vaghelarajput, 2013-05-20 13:54)

Kuldevi Sri semoj prasann raho. Jay Mataji !


(Ch. Amin Advocate, 2013-03-26 13:40)



(RAJUBHA.B.VAGHELA, 2013-03-26 07:23)

I am avaghela rajput boy from BHILDIYAJI STATE our jagiris villege 197 our dada bapu is maharaja varsangdevji maharaj our jagiris from<1> VADA<vada> AAkoli <2>RANAKPUR<3>MANPUR <4>THARA from not jagirdar he is atalukdar JAGIRDAR from BHAGUBHA PARTY is aTHARA JAGIR our jagirs villeges is <1>nathapura <2>israva <3>tervada <4>varsada etc


(RAJUBHA.B.VAGHELA, 2013-03-26 07:34)

MR.BHATIJI aap ki histry aadhi tuti futy hain kripya pura sansodhan karke histry likhe

Manipulation in history of Karandev Vaghela by Muslim Rulers

(Chetansinh Vaghela, 2013-03-07 17:24)

Whatever history is available regarding Karandev's battle with Muslim ruler and capturing queen and sending as a gift to Ala ud din Khalji and sending his army back to capture his daughter is not correct history because if you check it it is taken from history written by Muslims at that time. After destroying Muslim rulers have always manipulated history in their own way. Hence it is not true.

Rajput woman will like to die instead of going in hands of Muslim. Both his queen and daughter must have died and not fallen in hands of Muslim army. Karandev infact is a hero similar to Maha Rana Pratap who never gave up and fought till end of his life. Karandev was a brave hero in true sense who fought vigorously till end of his life and never gave up to Muslim rulers.

As Muslims have manipulated history now when it is rule of Hindus we must change this history about his wife and daughter. For this we must contact Barots of Vaghela who can give us proper history with proofs

Jai Mataji........Proud to be Rajput

i want to know that who is my family kul devi

(mitesh waghela, 2013-01-27 10:30)

as far i know from my family till 1816 we were dardari of a royal family and our family use to live near some what bhavnagar but my great great grand father ran away with a girl from lower cast of the village so all people of village gathered to kill our family n we all ran away different places without taking our kul devi murti n villagers had thrown away all the murti in sea so afther that my great grand father came to a village near dhola station n they settled down their but to avoide to get caught the said to all that they are lower cast people n they dont know have name of their kul devi n ather that our family r family dont know about r kul devi n the villagers gave us a shrap that r family wont live in peace n so pls pls pls help me

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